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Malaysia Geoportal focuses on geospatial industry through dissemination of GIS capabilities and content. It aims to derive further value from the investment in the industry by the community.
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MyGDI Explorer enables users to discover, view and access geospatial data from anywhere at anytime. MyGDI simplifies access to geographic information, promote better integration and facilitate improvement of business processes and systems that use land-related information across government agencies.
About Malaysian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MyGDI)
MaCGDI's Background
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General demographic information of Peninsular Malaysia
General geological information of Peninsular Malaysia
Built Environment Landuse
General landuse information of Peninsular Malaysia
General forest information of Peninsular Malaysia
Protected Area
General protected area information of Peninsular Malaysia
Marine Park
General marine park information of Peninsular Malaysia
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SDI for River Basin Management SDI for Land Management  
River basin management calls for collaborative effort among the agencies within the basin since the natural geographical boundaries of the basin cut across the borders of administrative units... MyGDI, as the Malaysian SDI, includes the development of the National Geospatial Data Centre (NGDC) and State Geospatial Data Centre (SGDC) as well as standardization of names... WPKL Public Amenities and Population Density Map 2005

     Peta ini mengandungi maklumat berkenaan kepadatan penduduk berdasarkan umur, kaum dan pekerjaan mengikut mukim  serta maklumat Jaringan Pengangkutan seperti jalanraya, jaringan komuter,lrt dan monorel s... 

MyGDI Activities
12 Jun 2009
MyGDI National Coordinating Committee Meeting (MNCC)
4 Jun 2009
MyGDI Clearinghouse Technical Committee Meeting
20 May 2009
Workshop on Geography Name Database for The State of Terengganu
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